May McQueen

May McQueen

May started volunteering with AIDS Vancouver in 1991, with the Community Outreach Team, which was then called the “Buddy Program.” She volunteered her time to raise awareness around HIV/AIDS in Vancouver and worked with many clients, including one of her “Buddy’s” for over 14 years. In this role she offered invaluable support, enhancing the quality of life and independence of persons living with HIV/AIDS at home, in the hospital or at a hospice. In recent years, May has been volunteering as part of Reception Services team every Tuesday. She offers clients a hug, a warm smile and her amazing sense of humor is vital to making AIDS Vancouver a warm, welcoming and supportive space for clients visiting AIDS Vancouver or our partner organization, Positive Living BC.

May’s motivation to get involved stemmed from watching news reports of a 13-year-old boy with AIDS being barred from school in Indiana.

At the beginning, there was so much discrimination and so much misinformation, and so I thought somebody in the family better learn.”

Check out the Georgia Straight interview July 31, 2013

Watch the incredible video about May



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