Queenie Commanda


Queenie is a retired registered nurse – and a residential school survivor.  Over the years she has worked tirelessly as a volunteer for many non-profit Aboriginal organizations including Aboriginal Mother Care. Queenie has been on the board of Aboriginal Mother Centre (AMC) for over 4 years and has helped introduce many stakeholders to the organization.  Queenie has also worked at sharing her story about residential school.  She told me that she felt it was important to share her story so that what happened would never be forgotten.  During a community forum a young person asked Queenie why she couldn’t just get over what happened – it was a long time ago. Queenie responded that she would like to get over it but she doesn’t know how. If someone could tell her how to get over it she would.


Queenie is an elder who offers her time to work with the women and children in AMC’s programs by providing guidance and a listening ear.  The women at AMC are young parenting Aboriginal women who were homeless or at risk of homeless. Many are fighting addictions, most have lost custody of their children, all are casualties of residential school.  Queenie is always available and she will drive in from New Westminster to attend luncheons, meetings with moms, Board meetings, fundraising events, networking events, and so on. The number of hours she dedicates to AMC is beyond counting.  She is a remarkable women – and she deserves recognition for all she has overcome and all she has accomplished despite what life dealt her.  She deserves recognition for being such a good role model for young Aboriginal women and for working so hard to help others so they may have a better life.


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