Lianne Payne


Lianne is a behind the scenes activist do-er, passionately involved in grassroots community and cultural initiatives. Her supportive, caring and easygoing presence is often the glue that holds groups together, especially when times are tough.

Lianne has worked within diverse communities in the Downtown Eastside for almost 20 years. She is someone who reaches out across the divisions between people to bring all our worlds together. As a non-Indigenous, healthy and privileged woman, she is humble as she speaks about the need to recognize her own blind spots when working to eradicate racism, colonization, sexism and patriarchy. An active feminist, in 1996 Lianne became a core member of the Women’s Monument Project. Marker of Change is the outcome of a seven year struggle to build a national monument to remember and honour all missing and murdered women. Lianne continues to initiate events at the monument site and is a vital member of the web community ROSE, Remember Our Sisters Everywhere, which evolved from the Women’s Monument Committee. ROSE is a forum for women and men working to stop violence against women.

Since 2010 she has been a committed collective member of Vancouver Indigenous Media Arts Festival (VIMAF). VIMAF, which has hosted an annual Festival and related events for the past three years, facilitates a culture of dialogue, fosters critical awareness, cultural sovereignty, and contemporary storytelling through the use of media arts. Lianne was Administrative Director of W2 Community Media Arts Centre, a hub of innovation and creativity in the DTES neighbourhood. From 1994 until 2006 she worked part-time with PACE, a Sex Worker led organization offering programming, support and advocacy for Survival Sex Workers. And for 3 years she was Administrator/General Manager of Gallery Gachet, a collectively managed arts space with a radical mental health focus.

Organizing quietly in the background, Lianne directs her efforts and personal research to develop creative means that reveal and challenge historical and current injustices, and innovative, community-driven strategies to dismantle the systems that support them.

With her dogged determination, subtle mind and generous spirit, Lianne has a gift for making ideas a reality. She gives everything she has to all she does.


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