Wendy Williams


Wendy Williams was born in St. John’s NL. Before coming to Vancouver Wendy was a busy Newfoundland community member. She was a founding mother of the Newfoundland Status of Women Council. She was the first Clinic Coordinator at Planned Parenthood and involved with setting up the first transition house for battered women in St. John’s. Wendy was also the President of the Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women.

At the national level Wendy was Vice President of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, Board member of Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada and Newfoundland’s representative on the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women from 1977-1980.

She was also the Board Chair of the Women’s Health Education Project which was funded by Health Canada.

When Wendy moved to Vancouver in 1999 and in 2007 she became a nurse manager with the Health and Home Care Society of BC .

She chaired the Women’s Advisory Committee for the City of Vancouver for the past 5 years and Co-Chaired the Planning Committee of the Women Transforming Cities conference in May 2013. Wendy was a founding board member for Women Transforming Cities.

Wendy exhibits a breadth of information and activity in the advancement of women in Vancouver.  She shows great respect and care of the committee members as well running meetings with expediency all while keeping everyone informed.

She lives with her partner Ellen Balka. Her two fabulous sons and her two daughters-in-law live a bike ride away.


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