Kristin Kozuback



Kristin starts all of her presentations, workshops and meetings with a similar greeting, “I’d like to thank the Coast Salish Peoples for allowing me to work and live here on their traditional, unceded territories.”  For the last 14 years, Kristin has worked with & volunteered for many urban and rural Aboriginal non-profit organizations, business owners, & Youth groups.  Whether she is coaching Aboriginal entrepreneurs, celebrating National Aboriginal Day events, or promoting Reconciliation Canada activities, she is trusted as an ally in our community.
In 2000, Kristin Kozuback worked with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business to promote mutually beneficial relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal businesses. She learned from her mentor, Flavio Caron at Aboriginal Directions, the benefits of creating more culturally safe and inclusive classrooms and boardrooms. Kristin also taught various courses at the Native Education College from 2001-2007.

As part of her own commitment to lifelong learning, Kristin completed a Masters of Education degree in 2010 at SFU with a specialty in Indigenous Education.  Her thesis, “Loosening the Colonial Grip on Education,” demonstrates ways that all educators can promote social justice and learner-centered classrooms by adapting Aboriginal ways of teaching and knowing,

Kristin’s company, Spiritlink Communications, publishes a free on-line newsletter, ‘RedWAY News‘ which celebrates Aboriginal success stories while providing ‘earn & learn’ opportunities for Aboriginal Youth writers, photographers and artists.

Since 2007, Kristin has been teaching and helping coordinate BC’s small business development training program called Aboriginal BEST for the Canadian Centre for Aboriginal Entrepreneurship. That’s where she is at her BEST, empowering entrepreneurs and promoting self-reliance as an important way to build bridges between Aboriginal & Non-Aboriginal people.

 Here is Kristin’s website.

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