Penny Street


Penny Street has served on the Board of Management, the Executive, and on several committees at Britannia Community Services Centre over the last nine years (committees including Planning & Development, Site Management, and Library Management). She is recently also a member of the Britannia committee that manages its temporary space in the Astorino’s building at Venables and Commercial.

She is a leader of Britannia Neighbours, which both maintains the Napier Square Greenway at Napier and Commercial and puts on the East Van Garden Tour each year.

Penny was also a founder of the Grandview Heritage Group, the City’s most active neighbourhood organization for the study and preservation of a historic district. She attends Grandview-Woodland Area Council meetings and participates tirelessly in the workshops and meetings, including the PACE Committee’s, during the area planning process.

And, every week, she volunteers in the local elementary school. She started at Strathcona Elementary for a few years and then, four years ago, moved to Britannia Elementary to work with kids in the Reading Mastery program who need extra encouragement. This year, still at Britannia, she’s assisting a different teacher with her math students.

Through all of Penny’s work she interacts with a variety of people in the community… often bringing them together through shared interests.


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