Lillian Prince

lillian prince

Lillian Prince has worked with the Native Education College (NEC)  for 27 years.  Starting as an instructor, she is now program coordinator for our Aboriginal Adult Basic Education (AABE) Program.  One year, the college had almost 100 AABE students, whether their end result was upgrading or achieving their grade 12 dogwood diploma!

Lillian is very involved with her students, ensuring they have what they need to be successful.  She also prioritizes student involvement in the community, taking a lead in informing them on initiatives such as Veteran’s Day, Women’s March, and recent Idle No More and Reconciliation efforts – AABE students attended Reconciliation Week events earlier in September.

Lillian is also a strong advocate of cultural events at NEC, taking a hands-on role in our annual Winter Gathering and graduation ceremonies.  She she deserves to be recognized for her unrelenting efforts in the betterment of our students and the community.


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