Anita M. K. Lo

Anita Lo

Mrs. Anita M. K. Lo is a dedicated multi-cultural volunteer and supporter of community. Since 1988 she has been a volunteer for a few community centres including being an English tutor at the Carnegie Centre, working with mental health patients at the Lookout Society, instructing dance at the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House. She created the Senior’s Day Society and organized the “Happiness Community Association”, which was supported by the City of Vancouver when hosting the International Traditional Outfit Festival at the Kiwassa Neighbourhood House in 2010. It was fantastic success.

This year she built a “Small Potato Garden” musical team, where professional and amateur musicians create their own musical piece, which will be given to senior people and patients in the hospitals to encourage them and show love to them as gift. She continues to dedicate herself to make people happy, live in harmony and show love for each other.

She is remarkable.

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