Jessie Sutherland

Jessie Sutherland

Jessie Sutherland’s passion for fostering reconciliation infuses all she does. An expert on reconciliation processes from around the world, she developed a framework for transforming Aboriginal – non Aboriginal relations to one of more understanding and empathy. Taught at all levels, Worldview Strategies shares practical skills and describes how to create conditions for reconciliation within individuals, families, communities and systems.

Inspired by her involvement with the National Day of Healing and Reconciliation, Jessie spearheaded a national public conversations project on Aboriginal – non Aboriginal reconciliation. She also developed a cross-cultural skills workshop for student exchange programs between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities used to prepare 20,000 students annually.

Jessie works with youth, seniors, and leadership to promote inclusion, compassion and cross-cultural understanding. By enhancing dialogue and capacity-building at the local level, her Finding Home initiative contributes to laying the foundation for societal reconciliation. This Vancouverite is making a difference!

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