Ladies Tea Party

ladies TEA party

The Ladies Tea Party in Oppenheimer Park brings together all different nations and women from all walks of life. It is a sanctuary where the women can come in and let everything go. It is a place where women can discuss and disagree and get to know the differences of one another… gaining greater empathy for each other. It is a place to develop relationships, instead of living in isolation. And it is a place where women can meet other women and find support. The Ladies Tea Party goes beyond the space itself and continues to help – even out in the world – utilizing the relationships that get established. It is like a family gathering around the kitchen table. It is a place where women can speak from the heart. It is a place where skill-sharing abounds in a way that encourages everyone’s gifts.

The Ladies Tea Party also helps women heal, allowing the women to stand up to the adversity in their lives and create a more peace and harmony.

The Ladies Tea Party as a group definitely weaves a stronger social fabric utilizing the diversity and strengths of the incredible women in the Oppenheimer neighbourhood.

Lora Corbett, Dawn, Aurora Dunkley, Leah Dunkley, Tina Eastman, Miss Hummingbird Woman, Shannon Johnson, Gladys Lee, Lou Anne, Eunice McMillen, Nnallah, Otter Woman, Phoenix, Raven-Wing, Erica Sasaki, Shawna, Ellen Sissons, Song Bird, Sue – Blue, Teresa, Swallow Zhou and many more Tea Partiers are all Remarkable Women!


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