Maninder Dhaliwal

Maninder Dhaliwal

Maninder Dhaliwal works with marginalized women and youth in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside as the director of Tradeworks Training Society. The program teaches carpentry and life skills to around 72 people each year, and they celebrated their 700th female graduate this past September. This festive season, under Maninder’s guidance and initiative, the non-profit organization doubled its sales figures enabling them to look forward to a more stable 2014.

Maninder believes in second, third and fourth chances and her compassion is what makes her so incredible. She is very dedicated to the women and youth that come through the program, and is striving to raise funds to provide more services to ensure the graduates succeed.

Maninder does extensive community work where she puts her impressive business strategy and unmatched people nurturing skills to work to get things done, including chair roles on the Vancouver Board of Trade and for the Women in Leadership Foundation.

Maninder shows a dedication to these women and youth that is truly remarkable.


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