Nachattar Kaur Hundle

IMG_5599-volunteerNachattar is 82 years old and came from Punjab India to Vancouver Canada in 1978.

She was a dedicated volunteer for South Vancouver Neighbourhood House for about 10 years, as a fundraiser. She and her team would cook at South Vancouver Neighbourhood house, delicious South Asian cuisine to sell at Sea Festival or other special Vancouver events. All money went right back into the community. One time they received a grant of 18,000! Sometimes the money would go to needy families, sometimes to purchase things like sewing machines that could help families in the community.

Nachatter would also help cook to feed over 40 people once a month.

She would always help people back in India, so when she moved to Vancouver she continued in this quest that brought her joy.  She would often take people to the doctor and offer any kind of assistance she could.

Even when she was in the hospital herself for a knee operation she ended up helping the woman beside her who had a stroke, as well as another woman who was suffering from depression.

She was the President in 1983 & 1984 of the old Sunset Community Centre South Asian Women’s Group as well and continues travelling twice weekly across the city to meet with her tight knit community at Moberly Arts and Culture Centre.


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