lee williams boudakian

leelee williams boudakian is a gender diverse queer of mixed ethnicity currently based in Vancouver, unceded Coast Salish Territories. lee works as an interdisciplinary artist & writer, workshop facilitator, and arts programmer towards social justice and systemic change. Their work sits at the intersections of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, intergenerational trauma, addictions, mental health diversities and class – recognizing that these and all oppressions are connected. They engage arts practices as ways to share un(der)represented stories of survival; to make visible how systemic oppressions impact daily life, relationships, and bodies; and to connect with ongoing and longstanding struggles and communities committed to bringing about change.

among many things, lee can be found helping coordinate programming at Gallery Gachet where “madness” is valued as a well-adjusted response to living in a mad world. or lee might be facilitating workshops with youth who take the word “marginalized” and smash it apart with such strength the ground shakes. and lee is very often collaborating on arts projects with other qtipocs and incredible humans that remind them, daily, how much power there is in coming together and building with one another.

lee is continually humbled by and grateful to the many remarkable people they work alongside, share community spaces with, march in the streets amidst and learn from always. wanting to honour this nomination by accepting it, they would also like to engage this as an opportunity to question, remain critically aware, and to keep at the forefront the adversities facing so many of our communities.

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