Lindz Marsh

Lindz Marsh

Lindz Marsh’s life seems to be devoted to creating peace and bridges of dialogue between cultures. She is motivated by the knowledge that every small act can be transformative and lead to social change and she is continually inspired by listening closely to the diverse voices in her community of Vancouver and around the world.

For the past seven years, her work days have been dedicated to reducing prejudice and encouraging people to welcome diversity in their workplaces as she has coordinated and grown the award-winning Safe Harbour: Respect for All program ( Lindz and the diversity ambassadors that she has trained have engaged with thousands of people in workplaces and schools across the country at the invitation of employers who see value in embracing all forms of diversity, creating a respectful workplace, and providing a safe refuge for people experiencing discrimination. In her work with Safe Harbour, she has collaborated with Aboriginal elders, businesses such as Darryl’s Coffee and Native Art Shop, Seven – Your Indigenous News Source, and agencies such as the Aboriginal Child and Family Support Services. Aboriginal community members, immigrants, refugees and Canadian-born residents have participated in inclusion cafes that Lindz has organized – these are dialogues focused on raising awareness about the barriers to inclusion felt by marginalized members of our community such as Aboriginal youth facing entry into the job market and LGBTTQ community members experiencing homophobia or transphobia.

In the hours outside of her busy work days, Lindz completed a Master’s degree in International and Intercultural Communication while researching and identifying the barriers that refugee women face in Vancouver, enabling her to better support disadvantaged communities.
At the same time, she has volunteered for numerous community organizations, including cycling from Victoria to Mission, B.C. with the Cycling4Diversity team in May, 2013 and with Collingwood Neighbourhood House where she helped organize a youth cross-cultural dialogue during Reconciliation Week in BC. Lindsay put her passion for social media skills to good use by promoting the dialogue and the subsequent conversations on reconciliation that took place. View feedback on the dialogue here:

Lindz’s energy and efforts have reached around the globe – she has long supported a home for ethnic minority children healing from poverty and repression on the Thai/Burmese border, and has made several trips to volunteer directly with them. She is also an active volunteer with Amnesty International, the Canadian African Partnership on AIDS, and SIETAR BC. Lindsay’s optimism and dedication are creating a safer and more peaceful world.

You can find her on Twitter @LindzMarsh or over at


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