Lyda Salatian

Lyda Salatian

Lyda Salatian has worked and volunteered at non-profit environmental organizations for 15 years. In 2011, with little more than a laptop and a passion for the environment, she founded the Lower Mainland Green Team. This environmental volunteer group connects people of all ages to nature, educates them about environmental issues and makes a tangible difference to local parks. She has brought together more than 1,800 volunteers from all walks of life who together have removed 52,000 lbs and 787 cubic meters of invasive plants, planted almost 6,000 native plants and trees and picked up 3,500 lbs of garbage. She is now turning that into a national organization, Green Teams of Canada, and plans to start other green teams in BC and eventually across Canada. She works tirelessly to bring people together to do good, and never wants to take the credit due her, but is remarkable and worthy of recognition.

Check out the Lower Mainland Green Team!


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