Nancy Bleck

Nancy Bleck

Nancy received the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award in 2007 for her visionary work with the Squamish Nation for helping Aboriginal youth at risk reconnect with their cultural knowledge base through the Uts’am/Witness project, which she co-founded. Here is an excerpt from the recently published book “Picturing Transformation” describing the project:

“For ten years, thousands of people – artists, loggers, government officials, tourists, youth at risk, families, and children – made the journey from Vancouver to Sims Creek in the Elaho Valley, as participants in the Uts’am/Witness project. These weekend journeys to threatened areas of “wilderness”, hosted by Squamish Nation Hereditary Chief Bill Williams, telasemkin-siyam, brought people into direct contact with ceremony and with nature; with Squamish stories, dance, games, art, and opportunities to hear from elders, scientists, conservationists, and artists from native and non-native traditions.”

Nancy is a visual artist with experience in cross-cultural artistic collaboration and social justice projects, her work has been instrumental in building bridges between First Nations peoples and Vancouverites as well as providing extended opportunities for Aboriginal youth to reconnect with the culture and traditions of their communities.


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