Reena Lazar

Reena Lazar

Reena is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Peace it Together Society, an organization that unites Palestinian, Israeli and Canadian young adults for a year-long program of dialogue, filmmaking and community engagement. It starts with a four-week intensive, in around Vancouver, where the youth work in partnerships to co-create short films about the conflict and peace building. Every participant gets to share those profound and moving films in their communities to engage and inspire audiences about social change and creating a just, secure and sustainable peace.

The relationships formed between the participants during the four-week extensive program, held here in BC, are transformational and lasting. I applaud Reena for her insight in working with young adults, who are destined to shape our future, bringing them together to address tough questions and learning to work together.

After working on this cause for ten years, Reena remains ever committed to support future peace builders in and around Vancouver and in the conflict region, to find ethical and equitable ways to transform this seemingly intractable conflict. Reena is a visionary with a huge heart and a steadfast optimist who unwaveringly believes there has to be a solution to conflict.


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