Alison Hill

Alison Hill

Constable Alison Hill has spent most of her 16-year career working as a patrol officer in East Vancouver and the East-side. Her aspiration to become a police officer came out of her Master’s Degree work with marginalized women, where she focused on the intersection of gender, economic status and space in the formation of a person’s lived experiences and vulnerability to crime.

For the past three years Alison has served as the Neighborhood Officer for Downtown Vancouver where she engages the public daily during foot-patrols. Her duties are many; educating the public how to enhance their personal safety, how best to respond to crime, developing strategies to address specific criminal activities and nuisance behaviours, developing partnerships with agencies, residents, schools and businesses to fortify downtown spaces against crime while enhancing safety and working with homeless individuals to access services.

She is also responsible for coordinating the operations of the Granville Community Policing Centre, working closely with the Centre’s 40 volunteer staff in undertaking programming and maintenance, and acting as a liaison between the Centre and the VPD. Finally, Alison is the VPD’s coordinator for the Safer Parking Initiative. In partnership with Canadian Direct Insurance, this program works to enhance safety while reducing crime in parking lots.
(See saferparkingvancouver .ca for more information.)

During her career, Alison has recognized the unique vulnerabilities faced by elders in our community, and the need for a specific approach to enhancing their safety while fortifying them against crime. In 2013 she drew on her policing experience and current research to develop a safety seminar for seniors. At the same time, she was invited by Lisa Hunter of the project “Seniors security awareness” at the Gordon Neighborhood House to deliver this training seminar.

Alison has a gift of making people feel at ease with her patience and empathy. She has given countless people the confidence and courage to continue on in times of need and crisis when they might otherwise have faltered. Alison Hill is a great example of what a Police Officer can bring to a community and others in her field could learn from her admirable example.


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