Aliya Dossa

Aliya Dossa

Aliya Dossa is deeply passionate about the environment and dedicates much of her time toward protecting it and educating others about the importance of environmental sustainability. Accordingly, she works with Metro Vancouver’s youth education outreach program to help high school students develop sustainability projects within their schools and communities across the region. Aliya strongly believes that involving people of all backgrounds, abilities, and generations is essential for tackling climate change, which is evident in the work she does. Recognized twice as a Top 25 Under 25 Environmentalist in Canada, as a result of a national youth environment group she co-founded, Aliya brings a unique, valuable, grass-roots approach to the work she does. She is humble, intelligent, and incredibly kind. Her continuous dedication to community initiatives is evident through her volunteer work with Girl Guides of Canada, where she brings awareness and discussion of social and environmental issues to young girls.

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