Dawn Morrison

Dawn Morrison

There are countless reasons why Dawn Morrison is a true inspiration as an Indigenous woman, leader, role model, IFS and environmental warrior, and builder of cross-cultural bridges. She is a passionate public speaker, talented educator, invaluable thinker, and essential leader of the IFS movement.  Dawn tirelessly gives of herself – volunteering constantly – to patiently work towards educating others in this realm. For example, last summer Dawn was integral in initiating/organizing an unprecedented gathering at UBC Farm (with the Vancouver Food Policy Council) where she introduced these issues to a largely non-Indigenous audience to further their understanding, build cross-cultural relationships, and affect food policy. Dawn is also involved with the Indigenous Food Sovereignty (IFS) movement in Vancouver.  Dawn gracefully contributes to reconciliation efforts by digging deep inside herself (it can be exhausting work!) to build much needed bridges cross-culturally and to help remedy the societal ignorance around our colonial past and present and its effects on our food systems. Dawn is also active in social media and regularly inspires informal on-line dialogues that further the cause. One of the most remarkable aspects of Dawn is her humility. Despite being at the top of her game, and recognized globally for her work, Dawn is deeply humble, is always learning, and expresses her genuine gratitude for others’ efforts, no matter how big or small. She is also very kind.

Vancouver is profoundly fortunate to have Dawn contributing to reconciliation efforts in the city and beyond.


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