Emanuela Sheena

Emanuela Sheena

Emanuela has been working and volunteering in community development and arts engagement in the Renfrew Collingwood neighbourhood for approximately fifteen years. She cites her children as her initial inspiration to help build a stronger and safer community. Her extensive work to bridge Aboriginal and settler communities has been propelled by her wish to share cultural pride, memory and awareness with Aboriginal youth (including her own children); she encourages youth to share this pride in community. She was a key figure in founding the Renfrew-Collingwood Arts Powwow and has coordinated dynamic multicultural celebrations and anti-racist youth programs. She has coordinated CREW (formerly Renfrew Collingwood Aboriginal Youth Canoe Club) for over ten years, empowering diverse youth-at-risk to grow in confidence through heritage activities (e.g  canoeing, drum making). She supports youth in pursuing their dreams through educational and career opportunities. Emanuela is a Pulling Together  Society board member.  The annual Pulling Together journey gathers hundreds of people (Aboriginal youth, hosting communities, and law enforcement agencies) with the goal of intercultural acceptance, understanding and reconciliation.

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  1. Marcela Fuller

    Emanuela is a woman of courage and community commitment. She has share experiences and knowledge not only with the community she work with but with others such as the immigrant community. She has share and facilitated process of mutual learning.

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