Margo Kane

Margo Kane

Margo Kane is an Aboriginal (Cree/Saulteaux) interdisciplinary artist who has been a leader in Aboriginal performing arts for 40+ years. For 20 years she has been Full Circle: First Nations Performance’s Artistic Managing Director. Ms. Kane has worked generously for the betterment of Aboriginal people, for example: she was key in the National Native Role Model Program, and launched the annual Vancouver Talking Stick Festival; supporting Aboriginal performers and presenting Aboriginal cultures to mainstream society, encouraging them to learn and explore as a way of healing and connecting with First Nations people. Community minded Margo has created many Outreach Programs including: Workshops in Schools Series, Community Ticketing Program and the Field Trip Program, targeting low-income families and under-privileged children. Her desire to create work that all can attend, regardless of financial hardship, and that has meaning for her people fuels her commitment to performance that is not only socially relevant but empowering.

Margo works tirelessly using art and performance to “heal from the past and build new relationships between Aboriginal peoples and all Vancouverites. 


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