Maureen McGrath

Maureen McGrath

Nurse, feminist, sought after lecturer, Maureen McGrath is passionate about and works tirelessly to raise awareness and end violence against women. Maureen shared her experience of workplace bullying and sexual harassment, vowing to help other targets and lending her voice to this societal malignancy. A long-time volunteer with Minerva Foundation’s women helping women work program and EVA BC’s “Be More than a Bystander, ” she brings people together with her upbeat, supportive nature. Through the media, public events, nursing practice and social media, she provides practical educational support of workplace bullying, empowering everyone. She raised funds to send marginalized women to the Supreme Court of Canada so they could attend with their lawyers. Her radio show on CKNW takes on taboo subjects such as sex work, substance use, lifestyle and religion to de-stigmatize life’s challenges encourage others to live their best life, regardless of their path.

Maureen McGrath is a remarkable woman in Vancouver!


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