Sabina Zahn

Sabine Zahn

Sabina Zahn has an amazing range of talent, experience, and vision.

With this year’s theme being Reconciliation, it must be noted that Sabina completed her Bachelor of Justice Studies with Mediation Practices as a focus, having an extensive knowledge of Ethical Standards for Career, whilst being a certified Career Practitioner. She is a sincere, dedicated woman who listens intently, and encourages immensely.

Sabina volunteers for the Single Mothers Support Network on the Board of Directors since 1999 working endlessly to support single parents. Her career as a Case Advisor for Family Services of Greater Vancouver providing counselling and assessment for a diverse population of clients in Return to Work is greatly valued by the people whose lives she touches. She has volunteered in many community events including the Community Hero Awards, and the Pride Parade in public relations.

As a person who creates harmony and bridges gaps, Sabina is a strong, courageous woman who is simply a pleasure to be around and deserves Remarkable Woman status!


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