Tanja Dixon-Warren

Tanja Dixon-Warren

Tanja Dixon-Warren has been Managing Producer of Full Circle: First Nations Performance for 5 years, and is the Artistic Producer/Co-Founder of Hoarse Raven Theatre. For 27 years she has been a professional free-lance actor and is proficient in all aspects of theatre production and management. Tanja has worked endless hours, patiently and with great sensitivity, mentoring emerging Aboriginal arts professionals in the areas of producing, production, grant writing, marketing and event planning. She has also been instrumental in many of Full Circle’s community Outreach Programs including: Workshops in Schools Series, Community Ticketing Program and the Field Trip Program, targeting low-income families and under-privileged children. As a non-Aboriginal working for a First Nations non-profit arts organization, Tanja has experienced first-hand the challenges involved in working within the Aboriginal arts milieu and has taken exemplary and meaningful steps to better her understanding of First Nations cultures and cultural protocols.

Tanja works tirelessly using art and performance to “heal from the past and build new relationships between Aboriginal peoples and all Vancouverites”. 


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