Trish Kelly

Trish Kelly

Trish Kelly has been creating community since the tender age of 12 (while dressed as an Easter Bunny for a hospital fundraiser). Of Metis heritage, and a proud representative of the “B” in the LGBTQ community, Trish’s various volunteer activities have been focused on helping others understand their personal value in the community, encouraging those around her to reconcile their differences by celebrating diversity, recognition, and individuality. She’s been a strong ally for the trans-rights movement, an advocate for sex positivity, and Queer Film, and more recently, she’s become a prominent leader in the good food movement. Whether she’s baking pies for bureaucrats, drafting policy changes, pushing for proclamations, leading task forces, or otherwise “meddling” in the civic realm (while strumming her fingers like a cartoon villain), Trish Kelly makes magic happen. Her activities inspire compassion, healing (through forgiveness, understanding, and acceptance), and celebration of people’s commonalities, differences, and together-ness.


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